We are real state agents with the official approval from the Generalitat de Catalunya, as the Law sets for our work.

You must be careful who you place your trust in. With us, buy or selling your house, has all the guarantees. As is mandatory according to the Law, we have the requested insurances for our customers security, it is, a professional liability insurance, as well as a caution insurance as guarantee for any amount deposited in our firm, in order that you have maximum guarantee and all the tranquillity. Your target is also our one, you can be conviced that we will do everything necessary for your grateful experience, but just in case we cannot get it, you need to know that with us your patrimonial security is guaranteed, first of all by ourselves and in any case under cover of guarantees that the approved real state agents must have in a mandatory way due to the legal dispositions, in form of professional liabilty insurance and caution insurance for any amount receipt in advance.

We are API (real state agents association) members

And in case that all the previous was not enough, our biggest and best guarantee. More than 25 years working in real state services in Cornellà and Sant Boi de Llobregat. QUALITY real state services, creating homes. We invite you to ask for us to friends, known people and relatives, it is a lot of years and a lot of satisfied customers, it's almost sure that you'll find someone who knows us.